Website As A Service | WAAS


How This Works

Small business succeed by focusing on their work and "farming out" other needs: Payroll, Accounting, IT Management, & Website Development. H.D. Enterprises is offering Website As A Service to its small business clients.

What is WAAS?

WAAS stands for Website As A Service. Instead of paying to develop a website that will be outdated in a year or two, H.D. Enterprises can build you a stellar site and keep it updated for you: integrations, media, content, security.


What Features Are There?

  • We make sure that your site is safely hosted on AWS, Amazon Web Services, with no page limits, crafted design, and maintenance.
  • Your site will be responsive on phones, tablets, desktops; your content will always be optimized to help your endeavor succeed.
  • Integrated Google Analytics with monthly reporting.

What Does it Cost for a website as a service?

Here at H.D. Enterprises, we work with the small business owner with a plan that fits their budget. Packages start at $500 down and $99 a month.



Ok....Great! How do I sign up?

We'd be quite confused to randomly get payments - please contact us to work out the details. or fill out the form below!

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